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We are Skookum Adventures, Adam our operations manager has been Outdoor Adventure guiding in Canada and around the world now for over 15 years.  Having a passionate affinity for water since a young age, as well as a desire to travel and see the world, it was an easy landing into his career as a international raft guide. His passion for the outdoors is second only to his passion for the river which he loves to share with the people around him.


After happen chance,Lory stumbled across an ad on the internet about an acreage for sale near a relatively unknown creek in BC, and with both of us being ready to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, we decided to go out for a weekend of dreaming and relaxation in the country.  Little did we know, we would fall in love from the moment we lay eyes on it.


Our property is covered with pristine boreal forest, natural ponds fed by a babbling brook from its own natural artisan spring, all flowing into a beautiful picturesque meadow.  Taking a short walk down the trail past the meadow is when you get glimpse of the best kept secret in BC, the Skookumchuck Creek! 


Since spring 2015 we have been working towards our dream to develop a sustainable, off-grid, eco-adventure destination, where people can observe alternative lifestyles and practices, and can learn, experience, and explore every bit of nature as it was meant to be discovered. 


We are proud to offer adventure tours and lodging retreats in the real authentic wilderness of Canada. No roads, no people – just pure nature. 


Our team are trained, licensed and experienced Swift Water Rescue Technicians and First Responders, as well as being caring and entertaining individuals who are focused on giving you a safe and truly unique wilderness experience.  Come Stay n' Play today with Skookum Adventures!


Hope to see you soon!


Skookum Adventures
Skookum Adventures