1. What is Wilderness Rafting?

It is a remote, back to nature adventure in the beautiful BC backcountry, on one of the most exclusive creeks around. We take an inflatable 5 man raft down the river, and you are always accompanied by a qualified guide on our river tours.  

2. Is Rafting safe?

​Yes, safety is our prime concern on the river, and all our guides are certified in Swift Water Rescue and Wilderness First Aid

3. What equipment is provided?

​Helmets, PFDs, Wetsuit, Jacket, Neoprene Socks & Gloves

4. What do I need to bring?

​Swimsuit, towel, warm clothes, an old pair of running shoes (optional), adventurous spirit

5. Do I need to have insurance?

​Your choice. All outdoor adventures are inherently dangerous but we do carry all relevant commercial liability insurance.

6. Do I need to sign a waiver form?

​Yes, we provide a Waiver form for you to review, date and sign upon arriving the day of your activity.

7. What is the minimum age?

​Whitewater adventures- 12 years old or 75 lbs  All ages for the Family Float (Under 5 provide own PFD)

8. How do I pay?

​E-Transfer, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Cash

9. Where are we based?

​3712 Skookumchuck River Road, V0B 2E0

10. Where do we meet?

​At our Rafting base(detailed map on contact us page), or a a pre-arranged meeting area.

11. Do you provide transport?

Yes! Ask us about our shuttle service in the East Kootenays. Fees and minimum numbers do apply.

12. I can’t swim! Can I still go?

Of Course! Fun is for everyone and we will have you all trained and confident for any adventure challenge that comes our way.  Our internationally trained, experienced and certified guides will provide a first rate tour with top notch safety as our priority.

13. Can I bring my camera?

Yes, Kind of...Waterproof Only, Action Cameras Okay, Bring at Your Own Risk!

14. Do you provide footwear?

​We encourage you to bring an old pair of running shoes, as we provide wetsuit socks to keep your feet warm.  We do have a small selection of old shoes, but most people would prefer to wear their own old set.


15. What is Off Grid Lodging?

Off-grid sustainable lodging, a throwback to old times and simpler things, no water or power in cabins, all centralized in Kitchen area

16. Is there a kitchen?

Yes! We have renovated our old school bus "Old Blue" to contain a fully equipped kitchen with Fridge, Oven, Stove, Solar Hot Water, Potable Water, Dining Area for 8.

17. Is there a shower?

Again Yes! It is a passive Solar Outdoor shower, truly a summer’s dream!

18. Is there a bathroom?

Of Course.  We have a communal composting toilet, beauty scenic view included!

19. Is firewood included with our stay?

Yes sort of, we provide firewood with all the cabins, according to season.  Out of season or outside firewood $10 a bundle

20. Is there electricity?

Minimal Charging Capacity at the bus.  Limited to battery powered devices during the daylight hours as the power system is Solar.

21. Is there potable water?

We provide potable water via filling station located in the bus.

22. Are there food services provided?

We provide lunches upon request, locally sourced meat and produce $20 pp

23. How many people sleep in each cabin?

​3 Adults can sleep in each cabin

24. What are the cooking facilities?

​We have our Old Blue, our kitchen bus.  There is a propane stove, refrigerator, pots and pans, and non-potable and potable water access.  Dishes and cookware provided as well as cleaning supplies.  There also is a outdoor cooking area near the fire pit.