Appearing in Thailand over 2500 years ago, this ancient, healing art is still part of the daily life of the Thai people. Traditionally called Thai Massage, this type of bodywork is sometimes called Yoga-Thai massage, since the practitioner is guiding the patient from one pose to the other in a relaxing way.

Combining acupressure, deep tissue, gentle stretches as well as knowledge of the “sen lines” or energy lines, this bodywork massage provides countless physical and mental benefits for its receiver.

A Thai Massage provides a great state of well-being during the session, but the healing effects continue afterwards by releasing muscle tension, increasing flexibility and blood circulation just to name a few.


Each session is different and will focus on what matters to you most; getting relaxed or energized, working upper or lower body, many options, whatever your preference.




60 min massage - $70*

90 min massage - $95*

*Most medical plans including naturopathic treatments or wellness will cover part of that cost.  


Before each session, we will take a moment and define together the areas you would like to focus on, whether you have specific pains or just simply wish to enjoy a longer foot & head massage…


The session is on an industry approved Thai massage mat, on the floor. It is a dressed massage, having you wear comfortable clothes with long sleeves and pants (similar to a yoga outfit).


Gift cards available!

I live in Skookumchuck – BC which allows me to come to you in Fairmont, Kimberley and Cranbrook.

I will bring all the resources needed and can set up the massage space in any calm and warm room.

Contact me to check availability!



10 years ago, my body gave me some signs of unhappiness; itchy skin, achy joins, chronical migraines that conventional medicine failed to help with. My inner revolution started; I had to feel better and get closer to what I always believed in; Nature & People. From making my own skin care products, learning Yoga in the jungle to buying an off the grid property in BC (where I live now), each step got me closer to a simpler approach of life, with wellbeing as a corner stone.

Massage was always part of my life and over the years, I oriented myself towards Thai Massage and became a certified Thai Massage Practionner, part of THAI**. I enjoy giving it as much as I do receiving it. It is so important to me to be able to approach each individual person in their whole entity and this kind of bodywork allows me to do just this; it can be relaxing, energizing, soothing, and just leave an overall feeling of body and mind revitalisation.

I can’t wait to share it with you!   

**Thai Healing Alliance International.

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